Fermented dough and flattener machine

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    Hi Tom
    I am in the process to start my small business

    Trying to find a supplier of dough flattening machine; I have been asked if the dough is fermented or not
    My Q; is it accepted to Produce
    Pizza flat dough with unfermented dough ... then the dough is proofed ... the shape might not be perfect after that?
    I have to use pre-fermented dough > then flatted by the machine > then proofed

    It looks the dough flattne machines ( automatic type) (feed dough and get 12" dough of 10 mm) suppliers have a problem with fermented dough .. since their machine only produce 10 mm thickness flat dough ... see their reply below
    ((Additionally, if your dough is only dough (I mean without fermentation), we could make it with different thickness 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm))

    I need to know why can not use fermented dough to produce sizes 10, 20, 25 mm, while it is possible with unfermented dough