How do you feel about the ability to send a Text Blast to your audience, 100% spam free?

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Should I send Text Blasts out to my customers with on the spot offers?

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  1. I get so many texts, I never read them. I don't want to annoy my customers.

  2. I think if they signed up, they want the texts. Not all my customers would want them, but some would

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  3. My customers are older and they do not text

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  4. I can reach all my customers for free with social media

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  5. OMG, this is so simple, why wouldn't I want to? But it depends on the cost.

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  6. Sure but I am not clear on how to get customers to sign up. Maybe if I had help and direction.

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    It takes 2 minutes to send a text, and you would only be sending VIP Texts to your customers who have opted in on their own phones via media promotion and in-store signage. You can track clicks. and orders with promo codes. No app download needed either. All mobile devices have the ability to text already. You can promote this program for free in some cases with social media, videos and a few more ways that are effective and efficient. Doesn't that seem a lot easier than boosting, retargeting and emailing time-consuming newsletters? I am interested in how business owners and their Marketers perceive this?