Location: 2345 sq ft, perfect for pizza place. College area, Northfield MN

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    Apr 5, 2017
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    Dundas, MN
    If you're thinking of opening shop in Minnesota, I have the perfect location for pizza store: 2345 sq ft formerly housing a cookie/coffee shop. Situated in a 3-unit strip mall housing Subway Sandwich, Fastenal Hardware, and cookie/coffee company. Cookie/coffee is going out of business this year, I'm the owner and looking for a suitable tenant. It's near Northfield MN, home of Carleton College and St Olaf College. An old Kmart across the street is being converted to a theater/destination venue currently, expected to be completed this summer. A large Menards store with lots of traffic is next to the building. There are only three pizza restaurants nearby, only Dominos delivers. Looks like lots of potential for a savvy pizza business owner. Call Becky at 612-819-0847.