what sould i add to a can of stanislaus saporito

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    hi pizza lovers every were i will be opening a pizza shop soon and i need to know what to add to a can of stanislaus saporito.Every pizza guy i know say's that there pizza suace is top secret and nobody will help me.can somebody anybody plaese help me. o and how long can i save the pizza sauce in a fregerator????after how long sould i thru it out??
  2. NicksPizza

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    Our recipe is also a secret, so don't tell anyone else :D

    2 cans saporito w basil
    2 cans 7-11 ground pear tomatoes
    1.5 cans water
    spice blend

    I recently started adding more water as I decided my sauce was to thick to handle easily, and my yield was out of whack. Saporito will handle the water load I use very easily. I use 3.25 ounces of a spice blend. Basically 1:1:1 dried oregano, black pepper and granulated garlic. I get very fresh, high end spices for brightness of flavor and less flavorless junk floating in my sauce. Let stand overnight for flavor melding. Stir and add water the next day as needed for spreading consistency.

    It never last more than a couple three days before it is all used up, but you should be able to go 5 to 7 if you absolutely had to. I actually use a couple other specialty peppercorns, but the above is what my basic spice bland starts with. Simple, clean, and not a lot of battling flavors.
  3. lilian

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    why adding saprato to 7_11
    i thought 7_11 is good on its own just add spieces to it and that is it .
  4. saad

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    I almost do it exactly the way Nick does it, and it's the best sauce.

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