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Jun 13, 2006
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Aug 17, 2019 at 8:49 PM
    1. George Mills
      George Mills
      Hi Tom : I have a prospect who asks if the somerset rounder could handle 75% hydrated dough
      George Mills
    2. Giovanni Salamone
      Giovanni Salamone
      ton this is giovanni i spoke with you last year about my middleby marshal ovens now have a new problem .please call me when you have time thank you 815 558 7777
    3. bargaincrusader
      I am considering to open a fast casual pizza location. Wondering some places for good info. to start without franchise. Or why franchise?
    4. george dimarca
      george dimarca
      Tom, I have been experimenting with a chicago style cracker crust pizza. What would be the hydration on 25lbs of all purpose cerosota flour. Is it 45%. Also do you add oil to cracker crust and what percentage? thanks
    5. hotsawce
    6. bill borneman
      bill borneman
      Tom I was trying to contact you for a consulting job.. PLease give me a call if you could help us please. My name is Bill Borneman and my number is 949-244-5180
    7. Jim Warren
      Jim Warren
      Hello Tom. I am trying to reach you to discuss a recent continuous mixing breakthrough. Please contact me. 800-693-5816. Would like to share some infor and discuss a consulting opportunity. Thanks
    8. Chris B.
      Chris B.

      I'm trying to reach you regarding a consulting gig. Please contact me directly at 949.278.5888. Thanks, Chris
    9. jwilli
      Tom, I was wondering if you will still travel to restaurants for consulting.
    10. Mark
      MR.Tom Lehman
      I have seen you to make the video of the dough.About temperature factor i want konw what the FT,RT,WT ideal value is. When the RT changes, how to adjust the WT. What is temperature range of cooler?
      I am from China. I am sorry for my English not good .Thank you.
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