$1-$2 per address

Hey everyone

I am working on my BP and have a question about the base projection numbers that are quoted on the think tank. $1-$2 per address seems to be the norm for pizza sales. Now is that for delivery or Dine in or both.

I don’t plan on doing delivery and want to get the numbers in the realm of reality.

Thanks in advance,


There is lots of that kind of info in previous posts on this site…Take a look at the FAQ sticky…

I have read just about every post on the FAQ that Pazzo put together, sadly most of the info on there is dealing with Del/CO and I am looking for dine in info. I can get some projections from the FAQ but it wont be realistic in a dine in only application.

I would recommend contacting you state restaurant association. I would suspect that they have that sort of data available for your state/area/region. The National Restaurant Association has general data like that from national surveys; that’s where most of us get the numbers we trot out as the “truth”. Even your local Chamber of Commerce may have information like that . . . or try a neighboring large county Chamber.