1/2 Toppings

Hi, Can you tell what you operators charge for 1/2 topping pies. ( 1/2 Onion 1/2 Peppers = 2 toppings or 1 topping.?) Thanks

1 topping. Our PoS is set up to charge by the 1/2 topping.

I have my toppings(regular) at $1.75
My system does half toppings at $1.00 each bc you always kind of put a more to make it look right and it becomes a more complicated pizza. Maybe Im just being petty though.

90+% of my customers charge 1/2 price for 1/2 ingredients. A very few will charge a little more than 1/2 price. If the whole ingredient is $1.50 they will charge .85 for the 1/2.

Always done half toppings, and always at Half price of the full topping. Never actually seen/noticed anyone charging more for a half.

We charge full price for 1/2 toppings. But we only charge $1.00 for additional toppings on all sizes. Some of our toppings ( like bacon ) cost us more than we charge for them. I find that it provides extra value to the customer and keeps them coming back for more. They never think twice about adding extra toppings which I feel makes a betting tasting pizza.

I have always seen it as 1/2 tipping counts as one topping but say you do one half cheese one half pep and olives 2. 1/2 toppings equals 1 topping. 5 half toppings equals 2.5 toppings so 3 topping price

Half price

we have it setup in the POS that you pay whichever 1/2 is the more expensive of the two…in your scenario it would be a one topping pie

Same here with the dearer half but we also add $1 for 1/2 and 1/ Aditional toppings are charged at full price regardless if they are only on half

1/2 the topping, 1/2 the price.

No free substitutions on specialty pies but you can add anything you want to them for the price of the topping.

Just seems to make the most sense to me.

would be one topping. if they would get half pepperoni, it would be half a topping price.
Going into more than you asked. But if someone ordered half supreme and half pepperoni. They get charged the price of the supreme pizza.