1 dollar arcade game

I have a Delivery store with a small waiting area. Do you think customers would pay 1 Dollar to play
a Galga, Mrs pac man style video game? Or do you think they would be offended? Also if you have any games in your lobby do you have any problems with it.

i have those games in my store for a quarter a play. they like them because its nostalgic and they can play them for the same quarter they did in the 80’s.

I have a friend that runs an amusement company and they put machines everywhere. Mostly the megatouch ones that have many different games in them that charge different rates for different games. They share the sales with the location and it doesn’t cost the establishment anything up front to get going. If the sales are really bad…they pull the machines. I would call a local company and have a chat about what they think. If you have people standing around waiting…maybe with the kids… I would think you could make a few easy dollars off it all.

I think the expectation for a dollar is a fancier game. i.e. a car, motorcycle, snowboarding game that you actually ride and experience motion.

$1.00 is pretty steep for what you are talking about.