1 Year Owning My Favorite Pizza Place!

Today marks one year since my wife and I bought our Mom & Pop store that I loved growing up. Soooo much has changed here and I’ve learned a ton from this board. Just wanted to say “thanks” to everyone here that so openly shares information. I really don’t know if we would have made it in our situation without a resource like this.

I’m planning on putting up a longer post soon that talks about what all has happened in our first year.

Congratulations! Hopefully you love it more now your running it?

Don’t wait too long for the fuller update on the +'ves and -#ves of the last year!

its our one month anniversary and the wife and I are also doing very well!!!

Yes Congrats for sure… I hope things keep going well and only get better for you and everyone here. Taking the plunge and the risk is a lot harder than 99% of people realize and when you not only take it but come out on the winning side you are starting off in a good way. Now remember your first year or month as you progress and keep things in check and on the positive side of business ownership and make this a lifestyle not just a job. Congrats again. :smiley:

its our 1 year Anniversary as well, were rocking the house and did all sorts of specials for the new seasonal staff in town, Yahoo!

Congrat to all of you! :smiley:

Time sure does fly when we’re having fun…oh wait that would be dough bal1s fly when we are having fun! :lol:



Grats Everyone,
It’s our 1 year 3 month anniversary, unbelievable. This tank of love is a God send, there is really no way I would have gone this far all alone. Thanks to everyone, too many to mention. Now if the economy just turns around we can all be very rich! lol Later all back to work!


One of our 1st year specials was a Walk-in $2.75 Monster Calzone Reg. price $8.95 for 7 days. We sold 578 of them over that week, man o man it was busy. Lets hope this investment pays off with local awareness etc…

Its great that you sold so many, my concern will be that they balk at paying regular price afterwards. I’d be interested in how many you sold the following 7 days at regular price.

tracking it big time, we averaged 11 per day b4 the promo…

Hannah I’ve heard nothing but good things about the pizza business during the economic downturn.As a person thats been in this industry would you recommend that I enter it.I know its hard work but is it worth it in the end.I would prefer to open one in some sort of resort town Banff or Whistler. Any advice on the matter

If your Canadian, those towns would be great. Especially with the Olympics coming. I don’t think you would be able to afford real estate there right now because of that. Resort towns are great, but extremely seasonal. I know a lot of people who own stores in resort towns, you just have to be vigilant about banking money while you have it to get through the slow seasons. I gotta get to my store, if I get time today I will give you another pm about my ideas, good luck!