10-10-10 again....

Fall is coming up. We are planning to celebrate indy pizza day with a repeat of our offer from last year of 10-10-10. A 14" pie with up to three toppings for $10. No limit on how many.


Anybody else doing this again?

I am seriously considering it beings it is on a Monday this year and I am open. We are closed on Sundays why I did not do it last year.

It is a holiday here in Canada and I will be closed. :?

Are you guys doing this on 11/11/11 instead this year or did I miss the last PMQ issue featuring an article on time-machine construction? :smiley:

When is it not a holiday in Canada? :roll:

Brad, Oct 10th for $10…

I did think of doing 11-11-11 but with Oct being “pizza month” it seemed like making the 10th indy pizza day had a little extra traction. I am open to either idea.

You know that qcfmike may be right! 11-11-11 is also a holiday in Canada :roll:

Seriously? :shock:

We are doing it again, it was one of our biggest days, I had people telling people & soon it was a crazy day…

After some debate and consideration . . . I will not be doing it this year. Decent idea, though.