10-10-10 for $10

We are going with the 10-10-10 idea and will offer a 14" 3-topping pizza for $10 on that day. We are doing a facebook ad campaign and will put it in the newspaper as well. Anyone else doing something?

3-TOPPING? Shouldn’t it be a 10 topping pizza? :o

I was til I figured out that it was on a Sunday & we are closed. :frowning:

Yep we are pulling out all stops we are going to do (3) 10" pizzas 1 topping
for 10 bucks Dine-in or carry out. Only no deliveries on this special

I’m going to do something, but not a whole lot since I’ll be on the East Coast this weekend and these events tend to bog down if I’m not there.

we are… we are doing a 14" 1 topping…still saving them 3.50…and I’m trying to come up with something else for 10 bucks…just haven’t figured out what…

We’re doing our 13" large pizzas for $10 - saving of $6 - on a limit of 2 per order on our “favourites” range with no altertions, make your own or half/half. Doing it through our Facebook page and the Blog section of our website. Also telling customers personally of the deal they can get on Sunday only.


Fun times and huge sales for all those doing $10 on 10/10/10.
Will it then be $11 on 11/11/11 and so on :?:


I’m planning on giving away 500 FREE pizzas . . . 16" 2 topping . . . on 13/13/13. It will be a huge PR event.

Is that a typo?


Nah, thats correct and it’s the “real” size large for Australia. Not like the corporate cardboard pizzas where their large is 11" (Dom and PH) or <12" (Eagle Boys).


We did an announcement FB ad yesterday and an ad in the newspaper. Same for today. Hoping to do some business! This is a SLOW time of year for us, so getting some cash flow is a good thing right now. I also hope this will function as a “try me” deal attracting some first time customers.

Had a dream last night though that a misprint had our offer as $75 for a 3 topping pizza… “but, boy howdy is it ever good”

Hey Steve,

Did that $75 pizza include free delivery? :wink:

Well our 10-10-10 is behind us and we were VERY busy. We did three $10 specials and only advertised it on FB, e-mail, and signs out front. Best Sunday we’ve ever had – sales like a Friday, so it was a good way to end the week. We’re down to two cases of cheese and needed to make some more dough tonight before we close…guess we’re gonna have to go get some more supplies tomorrow :smiley:

We beat our Friday and Saturday numbers by 30-40% and ran out of 14" dough and were cutting down 16" to make more. A lot of people ordered more than one pizza or upgraded to 16". If we got a significant number of 1st time orders it would be even better. I will not know until I look into the order history on that count.

Like the others best sunday we ever had thinking about doing a 12-12-10 special
(2) 12" 1 topping pizzas for 10 bucks. Might need more help pulled phones off the hook
3times for 1 hr each time on sunday we just could’nt keep up