$10 pizza

when does the $10 pizza deal from the big 3 end

How can they end it? Joe Customer calls and orders a large with 6 toppings on it and it’s over 20 bucks? Yesterday the same pizza was ten? Is the pizza twice as big, twice as good? Does it come with a free gold watch? That is going to be one P***sed off customer!

are they doing good selling for $10. the pizza hut by us is still slow cant be making much money

This reminds of the tv commercial for some copy store place–can’t remember if it was Staples or Office Max.

Anyway…the guy owned a barber shop and was doing really well until a big chain moved across the street advertising $7 haircuts. So the guy went to the copy store, bought a banner that read “We fix $7 haircuts.”

I don’t know exactly how that translates into the pizza business, but I have heard of some shops doing a 100% guaruntee for any pizza. I mean, you get a lousy pizza from Domino’s, you bring it into that shop and get it replaced, you get a lousy pizza from Marcos, you bring it into that shop and get it replaced.

Has anyone done this kind of promotion? And does it work, or have you just gotten taken?

I think you have to elevate the fight directly to the customer. Address it in your advertising. You have nothing to lose. Oh, and you better be making better pizza…

“Sure, some places sell cheap pizzas, but can you digest them? Life is short – enjoy great pizza.”

“If this was your last pizza, would you choose a cheap one that tastes like wet newspaper or one a little more expensive, but delicious?”

“That cheap stuff is not pizza [insert photo of flat, greasy thing in a too big box]… this is pizza!” [insert photo of steaming, mouth-watering slice of pizza about to be eaten by a beautiful woman]

Sell some fixed combinations (with catchy names) that they do not sell. Don’t compete with X size and the same choice of toppings.

That comment is 100% on the mark. It has been a core of our business plan for over 10 years.

Welcome to the wonderful world of things you should never do. I have always advised that one should NEVER discount the price of their pizzas as a promotion. Instead, keep the price right where it is, and bundle it with something, like a free soft drink, breadsticks, dessert, etc. This way your customers will never lose perspective of the cost of your pizzas. Think of it like this, yesterday a customer bought a medium or large pizza and paid full price for it and also got a free order of this or that, today they come in and buy the same pizza, for the same money, but you don’t get the free order of this or that with it like you did yesterday. The customer may kick themselves for not ordering an extra pizza yesterday, but they won’t be p o’d. A good example of this is what I use to pick up sales on Monday nights. With any dine-in purchase of a medium or large pizza, receive a free pitcher of soft drink. They still pay full price for the pizza, but they get a $2.50 or $3.00 free-bee with their meal. Best part is that your actual cost is what? Maybe $0.50? And better yet, no disallusioned customers after the promotion. There are many better marketing guys than me, but this has always been my approach when going up against discounted and “two-fer” pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We’ve lowered our prices & gotten busier…but you have 2 order on-line…

Yes, we have a $10 16" pie w/5 free toppings, but we control the cheese amount and the toppings quite strictly & still run a decent F/C…(but my store is unique)

We’re in a college town, competing with 15 other pizza shops but we put out a quality pie…All Trumps flour, WM Mozz/Prov cheese, Stanislaus tomatoes etc…

We’re building an institution, as Paul has, in Gainsville (just not quite as successful…yet…)