10 THrow Doughs for sale.

We have 10 “throw doughs” for sale, those practice rubbery doughs for hand tossing practice like in the tossing competitions. These were left over from a shop that went out of business a coule years ago. They are still in the plasic with cardboard, never been used. Let me know if anyone is interested with offer. Frankie

If they come with the priactice DVD, then I’m very interested. If not, then I am still interested. Don’t know what they go for in the marketplace . . . is $10 apiece too little? Whatcha looking to get for them?

I could take several depending on price.

Nick, I’ll split the lot with you.

I would love a couple

NIck, I don’t have the DVDs, just the throw dough. $10 a piece sounds fair. I checked the prices and they are going for $20, but I’m OK with $10 per. Looks like Shipping prices will cost as follows:
1 Dough 6.00
2 Doughs 7.50
3 Doughs 10.00
4 Doughs 10.00
5 Doughs 12.00
6 Doughs 12.00
7 to 10 15.00

Shoot me an e-mail at vintagebooks2002–at–yahoo and let me know how many you want…leave your phone number and we can talk about shipping, payment, etc.


If you have any left over, I’d be interested in a couple.

The practice DVD is absolute garbage, and not worth paying anything for.

If the Throw Dough’s he has have been sold and you would still like to purchase some, you can go to www.throwdough.com to order.