10 years next month

We have been doing this for ten years now, we are 4 weeks away from our tenth anniversary. It seems like only two lifetimes ago we started this. My youngest was in grade school, now in college. Our first batch of high school kids have all started families and bought houses.
Anyway, we have not been able to come up with any good ideas to celebrate. We are a Del-Co with about a 90 sqft customer area so any kind of party is out of the question.
Any ideas? I want to create a little buzz, but do not want to give away the store.


Congratulations, Rick!

How about something for charity? Match a $5 donation…free whatever with a $10 donation…good PR, a celebration, and a help to customers (and a tax write-off, maybe, for you)

Well first… congrats on 10 years! That said…I am not sure where your price structure sits but how about $10 any pizza any toppings on the day of the anniversary? Then print up a special flyer that all customers that give you the utmost important data to fill your system with for follow up contact… give them a coupon for another $10 pie good for the next 30 days. Just a thought. Doesn’t kill you on food cost and hopefully brings in some good repeat business. This is also where the upselling of add-on will come into play on all these orders…at least with the 30 coupon ones. I wouldn’t push on the day of the event…might make you look bad. Let them really walk out thinking they got a hopefully great deal and want to come back. Maybe do 10 cent knots with it all…again… I guess if you do them now. Maybe a good night to start if you do not? What ya think? :?:

i love charity. just make sure if you do it.get ther money out immediately.and don’t buy a tablet
their annoying.buy an ipad

o and massive congrats!

Congrats on 10 lifetimes.
Why give anything away? Why not do a flyer saying “we’ve been here 10 years so bring in those you kmow who don’t come here now so we can be around for another 10”

Big “Congrats”! for surviving for TEN years! We’ll celebrate our 2nd “Birthday” on March 1st, (also my wife’s birthday, no, she’ll never forgive me!)

We are doing a “Charity Night” again this year with a service club at our local High School. Last year it was EXTREMELY successful (our BEST single night sales ever, plus the charity we were sponsoring took in close to $8000.00 in tips and donations.

We use school staff, teachers, and administrators who become the servers and bartenders for the evening. (yes, we have our staff shadowing where necessary) and all the tips they ‘earn’ go in a huge fish bowl for the charity (this year is Shriner’s Hospitals) along with a ton of donations just dropped in.

Different groups and classes at the school will sponsor cakes, pies, or a basket of some sort which are auctioned off during the night. This part along brought in close to $2,000 last year!

The little secret is…we have a HUGE sales night, and it costs us zero to host. We do make a sizable donation to the charity, but think of the pluses for EVERYone involved. Free publicity for weeks leading up to, and following the event. Parents and friends of anyone involved that stop in and eat. And I guarantee you that every teacher and school employee that works the night leaves happy, and remains a huge fan of the restaurant and that pays dividends all year!

Congrats on the ten years.

Why not just use the annerversary as the promotion rather than any particular deal, you will get a boost in business just for shouting out.

Definitely Contrats are in order!!
I agree to take the opportunity to use your anniversary as a promo. No need to give the store away, just a little something that’s supports you and your neighborhood supports you back! Good Karma