101 Uses for a Smartcar: #23

It’s the perfect doorstop!

Locksmith fail to show up to move the locks onto the new door? Just wedge it closed with your Smartcar! I guess if it was a group of 4 criminals that wanted to break in they could just lift up the car and carry it out of the way… but that would set off the Smartcar’s “Hey, I’m being picked up and moved” alarm (it really has one of those - you have to turn it off when it is towed) so it’s all good.

Brad I would like to add that the tow-alarm will only go off if the car is tilted past a set degree. That being said…to all you criminals / polititians out there… just pick it up level and don’t tip it over! :idea:

Is #22: Use as a book end? :lol: