119o and delivering, man is the steering wheel hot

On the bright side I don’t have to buy more bags :cry:

The weatherman says it’ll be cooling off in the next few days…
down to 108, :roll:

I’m so tempted to stop by the water fountains/kiddie pool in the park next to a delivery spot, but then I’d smell like wet pizza and wings.

Cheers M8s

What do you think you smell like now?
GO ahead - hose off…


:lol: The crew’s laughing,

Dry Pizza and Wings?

Everyone keeps telling me it’s not that hot, it’s a dry heat.
I tell them there’s nothing dry about the buckets coming off my forehead!

hey wing man, i’m out in pahrump…we hit 117 today, and it really feels it…7 more weeks to go of this stuff…LOL

better you than me born and raised in vegas we left out in 2001 livin in tn now 95 and 95 humidity take that over vegas anyday where you at across from unlv we used to go to verazonas pizza there they still open? used to live back behind there in royal crest rancheros used to be great area you probally do pretty good there huh!

Hey Tyson,
Yeah it’s the brutal heat. When people out here hear I moved from South Florida they’re like “Ewl it’s so humid, how could you stand it.” I tell em well when you’re so hot it’s uncomfortable it doesn’t matter if it’s dry heat or humidity, But then in FL I was a salvage diver and under water most days of the summer for about 6 hours a day. So it was 100 % humidity! :wink:

We’re in the old Verazonas spot!! After that it was “Angelina’s” then vacant for about 2 years till we got the place.
We’re getting things moving forward with flyering, trying to hang on until the students come back or a buyer steps up :wink:

Dry Heat vs. Humid Heat
The old saying, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” is true. In fact, humid heat is worse for us than dry heat. This is because humidity interferes with our body’s temperature regulating mechanism.

Our body can tolerate only slight increases in internal temperature. When the temperature is very hot outside, the body’s regulating mechanism prevents heat from building up by releasing the heat from the surface of the skin through the evaporation of sweat.

While exercising in hot, dry weather, it is possible to lose as much as 3 quarts of body fluid in one hour of strenuous exercise. This fluid must be replenished; otherwise, dehydration occurs.

On the other hand, humid heat does not allow sweat to evaporate from the skin. This makes a person stay hot longer and prevents the body from cooling down quickly. In extreme cases, this can cause damage to the brain or other vital organs.

-From Indiana University web site.

I love college people…
notice the slant of details in those two cases.
Notice that there’s no “extreme language” for the “dry heat”.
They say “This fluid must be replenished; otherwise, dehydration occurs.”

There’s plenty of serious problems short term and long term from dehydration.

I know two things about dry heat versus humid heat.

  1. I’ve seen more people pass out in dry heat weather.
  2. Miserable is miserable :shock:

hot is hot but so far in the hot humid area ive yet to feel the need to strangle someone like when its 117 (dry heat) stuck in grid lock traffic at tropicana and maryland prky. at 4:00 pm near wing mans store with no a/c in truck and my super big gulp on empty. :twisted: i used to love telling people from the midwest when they were burnt crispy red hey least its a dry heat :smiley: