12 Days of PMQ Christmas Giveaways! (Pizza Trivia!)

Hi all :grinning:

We just started a 12 day holiday giveaway on our Facebook page and today we are giving away a $50 gift card! Here’s the link to today’s pizza trivia if you’d like to participate: https://m.me/PMQPizzaMag?ref=:t-1604688840274 :wink:

It will open on FB messenger, just fyi! Winners will be announced the following morning, starts today and it will go until 12/22 (only on weekdays), join us! :gift:

You can catch all of the quizzes on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/PMQPizzaMag/

Today we are giving away 5,000 box toppers, brought to you by Mail Shark :star_struck:

Here’s the quiz: https://m.me/PMQPizzaMag?ref=:t-1605301005846

Good luck! :gift:

6 Veggie Power pizza crusts and a copy of Pizza, A Slice of American History by Liz Barrett could be yours, here’s today’s trivia: https://www.facebook.com/PMQPizzaMag/posts/10157983425713337

A $50 gift card could be yours, today! Here’s today’s post:

Today’s giveaway prizes are Krisp-it pizza bag items and a sample of Pizza Krisp! You still have time to enter:

A $50 gift card could be yours this holiday, participate in today’s pizza trivia :star_struck: