12 inch square pizza pan

hey everyone… long time no chat… i was wondering if anyone know where i can find 12 inch square pizza pans… not deep dish… just regular… thanks in advance

Try Lloyd Pans http://www.lloydpans.com/SearchByCatego … ilian_Pans these seem to be deep dish but they also do custom if you need that option. Or you can Google Sicilian Style Pizza Pans and there are many other options.

The Lloyd/pizzatools square/rectangular pans are tapered. However, I believe the Sicilian-style pans from Allied Metals are straight-sided: http://www.alliedmetalusa.com/catalog.c … x,1,110,x/.


If you are interested in used ones I have hundreds of pans that came out of some little caesers stores. I am fairly certain that 12 x12 square is one of the sizes I have the most of. Let me know, I’ll make you a great deal!

American Metalcraft also carries square pans of different sizes <www.amnow.com>
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

what otehr sizes do you have Perfect Pizzas? I need more 18x18 square pans, let me know?

Most of the ones I have are round ones. I will check tomorrow and let you know what size square ones I have.

I could use 12" and 14" round deep dish pans as well. What type of pan do you have? Black Steel?

I have 50 well seasoned 12" pans I am willing to part with. Let me know if you are interested.

I’m interested for sure, maybe we can do some type of barter? i got a garage full of wares, inserts, equipment, POS touch screen work stations etc… Can you tell me ore about the pans? We got our pans from Lloyds Industries out of the USA but the dollor is up now and they are way too pricey to get them shipped to Canada and we need more for the up coming Olympic winter season.