12x24 screens and boxes

Do any of you know where I can find screens and boxes that are rectangle? I am thinking do a 12x24 “party pizza” or something like that.

Check with American Metalcraft at <www.amnow.com> or 800-333-9133.
They show a solid pan (12 X 24) as well as a rectangular screen, but they don’t give the size of the rectangular screens, only a picture of it.
You can also go to Lloyd Pans at <www.lloydpans.com> to get either a pan or perforated sheet (hex hole pattern), their improved version of a screen.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Try PA products they make screens 12X24 and many other sizes 7343421-1208

George Mils

the phone NO for Pa Products is 734-421-1208 Not as above

George Mills

Why not use bun pans? They are available from loyds pans. And the boxes are only around .80 each. That is what I use.

I’ve found a source for the screens, but so far no luck on boxes unless i order 100 cases (5000 boxes) at one time. Anyone know where I can get a odd shaped box like that?

I found them at usbox.com. They are listed under the corrugated white tab as 24"x12"x2 1/2" but the sticker shock was bad. $1.49 each in cartons of 25. OUCH! :shock: