14" pizza boxes

I know this has been covered before, but I still can’t get the problem solved.
I’m opening two stores near Hill AFB, in utah, and I need to find a decent source of b-fluted 14" boxes.
They don’t even need to be printed, I can stick a flyer on them.
I’m trying Star now, but short of going to China, I can’t seem to find boxes under 25 cents.

And if someone is importing from china, can you mentor, or coop with me on an order?
I have no idea how to import something like that.

If you are buying them for 25 cents you are doing fine. Even if you managed to save another 10 cents per box the potential savings are not significant. Consider the possible savings from where you are and whether the time spent and issues like storage are worth the thousand or two that you might find a way to save. I suspect that when you do, you will realize that the time spent and complexity avoided can make or save you more elsewhere.

My goal is under 25 cents, right now I’m paying 40

The nationals are paying prices like you describe… buyin by the box car. I am paying 32 cents for 14" boxes right now so it does sound like there are some savings out there. have you price shopped your different supplier options? My experience has been that making US Foods and Sysco compete with each other saves me a lot of money. I buy between 30-40K boxes per year.

i have shipped many pizza boxes to usa.

Printing: 1 colour
Each order: one 40ft container
10" w/box =USD7.10cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 6.43cs.(50pcs)

12"w/box =USD8.38cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 7.44cs.(50pcs)

14" w/box =USD9.60cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 8.59cs.(50pcs)

15 "w/box =USD10.27cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 9.20cs.(50pcs)

16" w/box =USD11.08cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 9.87cs.(50pcs)

18"w/box =USD12.69cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 9.87cs.(50pcs)

20" w/box =USD8.72cs.(25pcs).

24"w/box =USD10.67cs.(25pcs).

in a 40ft container:
qty/ box
10" 86130
12’ 62050
14" 53940
16" 41900
18" 36540

pricing based B flute

Freight to west coast about $2600
East coast $4700

Well I did some shopping around and found that webstaurantstore.com
has B fluted boxes for 12.49 plus shipping
That’s 25 cents ea. plus shipping

what’s the difference between “E” and “B” fluted…?

which is better ?


E fluted has about half the flutes per foot of B fluted, and therefore considerably less rigidity.
Nothing woarse than having your customer’s pizza slide out of the box before he even gets out of the door.