$15,0000 Ovens

I have $15-$17K to buy some new ovens. I currently have conveyor had that is what I want again. (This is not about deck vs. conveyor)

What brand and model would you buy for that amount?

Would you buy refurbished or spend more and get brand new?

Thanks for any advice.

It’s hard to buy new conveyors for 15-17K. A doublestack of Xlt’s will run you 22K or better brand new. I prefer new ovens and that’s the only thing I will purchase now that I can afford them. If I was in you spot, being just short of affording new, I would buy cheap MM 360’s that I could resell after a year or two without losing any money. You can find them all day long on ebay. If you are looking at new, I VERY strongly reccomend checking out the XLT’s. I have a new 3270 that cooks better than any Middleby or Lincoln that I have ever used.

I have $15-$17K to buy some new ovens. I currently have conveyor had that is what I want again. (This is not about deck vs. conveyor)

How many pizzas do you belive you will need to produce in your busiest hour?
What size pizzas will be your best seller?
Answer those questions and I will see what model ovens could fill the bill

George Mills

Lots of ways to cut the cake in business. I buy everything used. The way I look at it is why buy new when there is a pizza shop, coffee shop etc going out of business every month. They spent all there money typically buying new equipment and now I can go to an auction and get great deals. The last big piece I bought was a 60 quart wel-bilt mixer with bowl hooks etc for $250 bucks. I just found a lady that has a 60 or 80 quart (I havn’t seen it yet) hobart mixer in her garage that she just wants to part with because it is taking up room. i will get that for I guess about $500. Keep your eyes open and you will be surprised what you can find.

Hello crusher,for that exact price you can get 2 re-furbished Lincoln Impingers double stacked this is what I actually paid for the 2.And I am extremely happy w/ the Lincolns.


Check with Northern Pizza Equipment. They remanufacture ovens. Last spring I purchased a double stack MM for 17K. They are located in MI.

We had a stack of 3 Lincolns- but wanted two stacks of 2. So we bought a used oven for 8k. We have yet to have it worked on. That was 4 years ago. I’m pretty sure we bought them from Northern Pizza Equipment.

Hi paul your are right about the XLT ovens except the double stack XLT units that are the same size as Lincoln model 1450 can be purchased for $16,687.00 plus delivery and instalation.

George Mills

If you want to go with the newest and greatest take a look at one of the new, highly efficient air impingement ovens such as the Lincoln FASTBAKE at about $12,000 or the PESI PS-3240 for about $9,000 or, if you can get one, a Middleby Marshall WOW oven. I’ve been looking at these ovens, and I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate both the Lincoln and the PESI and I’ve been quite impressed with them. Still can’t get a WOW to evaluate so I can’t comment on it. These ovens are great when combined with the Hearth Bake Diske from Lloyd Pans if you want to make a hearth style pizza. Another interesting thing about these ovens is that we have been able to effectively bake both thin crust and deep dish pizzas side by side with both of them perfectly baked (no changes to either time or temperature). As always, just make sure the oven you opt to go with is properly set-up to bake YOUR pizza(s).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


Was the deep dish pizza par-baked? I can’t believe that they would cook them both the same for the same time and temp?

Both the thin crust and the deep dish pizzas were baked from a raw dough. We did this at the last NAPICS show using the Lincoln FASTBAKE oven and we didi it again at the Orlando PMQ Show using the PESI oven. This seems to be one of the qualifying features of this new breed of highly efficient, air impingement ovens.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Attn. Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I will see about getting an XLT oven for you to try.

Domino’s Little Caesar’s, Hungry Howie’s, Costco Wholesale, CiCi’s, Schlotzsky’s and hordes of other chains and independents have selected them over the equipment you mention.

Statement recently in this Forum. Parsed for brevity.

I VERY strongly recommend checking out the XLT’s. I have a new 3270 that cooks better than any Middleby or Lincoln that I have ever used.

George Mills

What are the bake times now running? I worked with them back when they were still E-Flow and we had one in here for evaluation, but I’m sure there have been a number of changes made since then. The biggest thing going for them back then was the longer body cavity which gave significantly greater production capacity, but the baking dynamics were about on par with other air impingement ovens of the time.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tom:

There is little resemblance between the XLT and the old E-flow. Except they ar both conveyor ovens

These new units are vastly superior.

George Mills

That’s what I figured, what are the baking times typically udsed to bake a thin crust pizza? Have you havd any experience with baking both thin and thick crust pizzas side by side through the XLT ovens?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I think you may be confusing the XLT ovens with the Lincoln X-2. The Lincoln X-2 is the old E-Flow, with two conveyor belts in one cavity. The XLT was designed by Ron Wolfe, who designed the E-Flow, but that is where the similarities end, The XLT resembles a Middleby 570 much more than it resembles the E-Flow or X-2. I actually have an X-2 stacked on top of an XLT which I will try to post a picture of.

Sorry for breaking off the Exchange. I Had a dinner appointment.

Bake times are up to the operator. We have some groups that want their pizzas baked for no less than 6 minutes. They believe they get a better blending of flavors with a slower bake. I tend to agree.

Some users crank up the temp and bake at five or even four minutes.

Its not a new situation that a wide variety of pizzas can be baked at the same time and temperature we have been doing that for years. Thin, thick, few or many toppings. When it comes to really deep, deep dish pan baked pizzas most of our clients have a longer bake for them. Many operators will have a split belt on one deck of their oven so they can run a super deep dish through slower.

It appears that different groups, different operators arrive at widely varying bake times depending on their product and how they and their customers like their pizzas baked. With time and temperatures variable by one-second or one degree its inevitable that the operator tweaks his product to what he considers perfection or what his customers prefer.

There is also great variation in how a group or individual operator wants the air distribution fingers arranged. More fingers, less fingers, more holes per finger or less, fingers located here or there. The combinations of fingers, holes, times and temps is almost limitless.

What ever the situation we have never, to my knowledge, failed to produce the product to the satisfaction of the operator and his customers.

George Mills

Hi George<

Do you know anyting about XLT;s answer to the new WOW oven??


[quote=“Big SAL”]
Hi George<

Do you know anything about XLT;s answer to the new WOW oven??


I do not know why XLT would need anything drastically different. They are always making improvements But do not use them as an excuse to raise the price.

I think the wow was Middlebys attempt to counter the XLT Which has run off with some of their top customers and continues to expand their market penetration.

George Mills


Paul;You’re right.
Thanks for correcting me. Too many ovens by essentially the same group.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor