150 businesses refuse to doorhang

We gave doorhangers and a flyer to all the non-compete businesses around my area. A total of 150
The flyer says we are doing this doorhangres thing around our area, if you are interested, just print your material and instead of one person hanging one doorhanger, he will hang 2 or even 3 and share the distribution cost.
The Idea is: I doorhang the neighborhoods that I already covered before and save on distribution cost in the second round (I will not even get paid for organizing the whole thing, hiring and supervising…)
RESULT: 0 response not one!!! I was so surprised. I wish if somebody offered me this deal I would do it all day long.
This just tells me that as a pizza-operator we are in a more competitive business and we have to do a lot more to survive and make some profit. May be we could make more money if we owned some other kind of business!
Did any of you tried to share doorhanging with some other businesses?

If I did door hanging my business would drop. People in mountain towns are very much against litter and trash. I can imagine businesses feeling this way too.

I really do like the concept a lot!

That being said, in our business, we are particular about what businesses we want to be associated with. We will be judged by the reputations of those on the door hanger with us. Small town being all rumoured up and all. We would not jump all into a group thing with a bunch of yahoos we had never met and did not have a previous relationship with. Let alone paying to distribute my (expensive) marketing materials someone with whom I have no prior relationship or word of referral for the service.

Who knows, I could end up being associated with some atrocious business . . . or worse, have my stuff dumped in a dumpster and not sent out. If you were a guy I already knew through networking or other projects, I could see taking a little dip to see how it worked on a limited scale. My marketing budget and materials are far too limited and important to trust to strangers.

I’m one of those businesses that refuses to doorhang. Like bodegahwy said, a lot of it becomes litter and that is not looked upon favorably in my city. Starting June 1st, my city will actually have an “opt out” for doorhanging. Businesses will have to go to the city and pay for a doorhanging permit that will include the list of houses that have opted out. You must carry that list and not hang on those doors. Rumor has it that over 25% of the city has signed up so far (there’s a very simple web submittal to opt out.)

Beyond that, I don’t like employees walking on to people’s private property to advertise. Plus if you’re in an area with somewhat newer homes nobody uses their front door anymore. Most people pull in their garage and walk in the garage entrance. Anything on the front door could go days without being noticed.

Perhaps those are some of the issues your businesses are considering.

Considering the labor involved with doorhanging you could send a direct mail piece for about the same price or even cheaper. Why not try to get businesses to sign up to share a direct mail piece? I know I would be much more open to doing something like that.

We did a direct mail post card with three other neighbor businesses a few years ago. At today’s prices it would cost about $600-$700 each to do it for the ~10,000 addresses around here. It worked well for us but not so well for the other businesses as they are not well suited to special offers. If I could team up with other businesses that wanted to do it, I would do it again though. It worked almost as well as our own mailers have at a fraction of the cost.

During our busiest times of year mainly fall and spring we go through about 10,000 door hangers every 2 months or so. But we are also located in a college town. College kids don’t hang on to any advertisement longer than a week it seems. So we have to keep putting out new ones to keep it in their face. College students are all about convenience and if they don’t have your flier laying on the floor or on their table then they wont bother calling. We definitely see a drop off in sales when our hangers haven’t been put up in a while. So we consistently stay on top of them other wise our flier is like yesterdays paper, its trash. Plus we use a third party company to do all of our door hanging. This way we don’t have to use employees and it ensures that it is an ever continuing event.

Wow, doorhangers are the best advertising besides word of month

A surefire way to get me to not use your product is to hang something on my door or put something on my windshield under my wiper blade.

Nonsense. Ive been in this business for 25 years. I have weekly mailers, monthly mailers, email blasts, and text blasts and the number 1 return is door hanging. You might claim to not patronize a place that puts a doorhanger on your door and thats sad. If the the door hanger had a coupon for a free pizza, im sure your tone would be different. You must live in a small population of pizza shops because you are completely wrong. With the attitude that you would never order from a shop if they plave a doorhanger on your door is childish and with that attitude, your probably the demographic that complains a lot.

This may show the difference between metro areas and the small “Mayberry’ish” towns.

If I had my advertisement placed on someones door without their express permission, i’d probably be hunted down and drowned in one of the many lakes in the area.
I know nothing tweaks people more in this area than them finding a flyer under their windshield wiper,

Menu’s that get packed with carry outs & deliveries are about the only viable option in my area,
Direct Mailers; I want to do them, but I have not seen much success with other places using that option.

Coupons; Yes, they work here, people will pay more using a coupon than an instore special just because it is a coupon, I do not understand how or why, but thats what I’ve seen. And I do not want to be that place with all the coupons and only see people with coupons.

Same here. I’m from a rural area, but lived in the city a decent chunk of my life. I never liked the door hangers on my apartment door and really hated a flyer on my windshield. Of course, I’m a little different in that I won’t even go to a place that makes a person stand out by the road with a sign or a costume.

If I tried to hang things on doors, despite how inefficient it would be due to the distance between houses, but I would expect to have a shotgun in my face probably 2 out of every 100 I tried. Anyway, my situation/feelings don’t apply to everyone, but that’s my take.

It appears as if you’re (correct usage) in a demographic where doorhangers/ windshield flyers are acceptable? Apparently most of the TT’ers are located in an area where this is not nearly acceptable. It sounds as if you’re personally in a place where it’s your way or no way? Keep in mind that others like myself like to hear from different areas and philosophy’s without being told our way is wrong. It may be wrong for your territory but not definitively for all areas.

Personally I think someone giving me free advice from experience is priceless while you do not. So…therefore it’s nice for me to get differing opinions… Keep an open mind and you just may grow your business!

PS…Add me to some of the others above who if I found a doorhanger or windshield flyer on my property I would absolutely go out of my way not to patronize their business especially if I constantly found their stuff in my mailbox / email blast already…Kind of reeks of desperation (in some markets only…)

Got told to leave every apartment we tried to hang them on, and got the cops called in the one neighborhood we tried. Door hangers aren’t for us either.