16 ch dvr

can anyone recomend a company im looking for a 16 ch dvr system

I am happy with the Lorex system I have. You can get them from most online security vendors and sometimes through Costco.

Just went through this process. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on this I would just recommend picking up a boxed set from Costco or the like. Careful if you use macs as most are not compatible remotely.

If you do the research, you will find you can save significant money buying a system from a local independent computer/electronics place. There really is not much to a system as you could build one yourself if you were so inclined. By buying from an independent you can customize your product so your have the right cameras in the right locations. And unless you have a small place, which I assume you don’t with you need a 12 channel, you will have to purchase additional wiring in the lengths you need.

If you are not that concerned with these details and paying a bit more for a marketed set-in-a-box, something from Costco or the like will do you fine.