$1M of pot seized at Toronto pizzeria


Perhaps he was doing a BOGO offer…

I believe this relates to the other fat bald grumpy guys thread about disclosing secret ingredients in the sauce.

" I just feel so relaxed and satisfied after a slice of their pizza"

Geez that is alot of inventory! :lol:

He must not have seen the article about bundle couponing. Would have ensured everyone had a pizza when they left…sorry couldn’t help myself :mrgreen:

$1M worth out of circulation? Oh, great. Now the price of pot is going to go up too!

I love the article “pizzeria popular with university and hs students” well duh!!! :shock:

maybe he thought it was oregano?

Heavy on the herbs, maaannnnn 8)

Dang it… I think Dave is smoking his oregano again! 8)

Lesson learned . . . . at least send each ‘customer’ out with a folded BOX with the product in it. Sheesh . . . felony stupid is another charge to add.