1st time I heard this line

Anyone ever get an employee tell them they need to quit due to too many credit card tips?

Sounds to me like it may be or going to be affecting their public assistance payment.

My answer would be: “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass”.

thats a great reason!

Not sure if its beats my best one… sorry I’ve decided I can’t start work as a delivery driver as I’ve just started a diet.

I had a guy once tell me he had to quit because he had to go sit on a rock.

I had a guy tell me he had to quit because he was out of turn signal fluid.


Truth of the matter is… " I have to quit because you are taxing me on my recorded tips and I want free money " but the funny thing is they probably get it all back at tax time anyway. It’s all about the quick cash and not keeping track of my underpaid overworked butt! :roll:

I’d make sure this one is WELL documented. Somebody quitting because of having to claim tips… They’ll probably be the first person filing for unemployment as well.

I had an employee ask for funeral leave because of a death in the family. I said sure no problem…sorry to hear… who passed away? Umm… well it is this friend of our family that I had a crush on when I was younger and he was hit by a truck and killed in Texas. Umm…ok… and before i pay you to take time off… when was the last time you actually had contact with this person… in person or talked? Ummm… 14 years ago. So you would have been 9? Yeah… I gave her the time off… UNPAID! This is almost as bad as the poor guy that worked for me that had his grandparents pass away over and over and over again. His parents must have divorced and remarried dozens of times to get this many sets of really old and quickly passing grandparents. Why can’t people just be honest. If you do not like your job…have a better offer… or whatever the reason… why make up such crap all the time. Leave on good and honest terms… you never know when you might be back asking for your job again…maybe seen getting out of your grandmothers car? :shock:

My first thought too. We get many people who don’t want too many hours for the same reason.

I would think applicants would be hesitant in saying so when applying but they are very blatant about it. Some only want to work for cash because they have capped their hours already at another job.

they lost their health insurance…i pay $1,400/month for mine and have huge deductibles