1st Wendy's to close in March

The very first Wendy’s is scheduled to close the beginning of March due to “profits” or lack there of.

I think this sucks. This goes to show that people are all about the money and nothing else. Like really. Wendy’s corp could not put up the cash to keep the very first Wendy’s open??? Ya right.

For all of us that are building a legacy, do not allow anyone involved that only cares about money. Life is more than money…keep it real.


After they spun off Tim Horton’s they have lost piles of money…RCS…

Wendys going down for sure. Most recently they sold Baja Fresh for a big lost in order to focus on Wendys but it seems like they will have more negative news before it gets any positive.

They are starting to give breakfast in all of their Wendys to steal market share from McDonalds but yet most franchiseees not profitable enogh to spend money to re-image-update their stores like McDonalds.

Another problem with Big 3 burger sector is fresh-burger craze is everywhere. Examples, Five Guys, Backyard Burgers…
Future doesn’t look so bright for big 3 specially Wendys but out of all 3 McDonalds still will be stong.

hey guys,

just “surfing the net” from up here and saw you talking about wendy’s.

i thought this was a pizza website.

anyway, would you like a biggie fry with that frostie?

That is a shame, ever since they lost Dave the company has took a major dump.

couldn’t be more right. I feel like they have taken wendy’s and just went against all Dave built. just goes to show you what can happen when a founder dies. It becomes a money thing more then anything else