2 basic questions

ok question one… i just priced out some stuff and a distributor and i am working off the recipe for thin crust pizza

Flour(a strong bread type flour with 12 to 13% protein) 100.00%
Sugar:(optional) 2.00%
Compressed Yeast: 1.50%
Olive Oil/Vegetable Oil: 3.00%
Water (70 to 75F) 55 to 58.00%

how much would 50 lbs of flour produce? I am trying to make 14" pizzas. How much do you get out if you use 50 lbs of flour or do you use less or more? And how heavy should my dough be to make 14" pizzas (o sorry that was more then 1 question)

second I thought I saw on here that you can use like a pizza screen to make pizzas. I thought I read you place the dough on top of the screen then place the screen on the baking tray and bake the pizza. Am I wrong?

or are you supposed to just place it on the screen and bake it?

My mom and I had this debate today. Thank you in advance for your help =)

Add all of the percentages up and you get 166.25% multiply that by 50lbs and you get 83.13 lbs or 1330 oz of dough. Divide the 1330 by the weight of your dough ball and that is how many you will get. I use 18 oz for my 14" so I would get about 73 dough balls.

Pizza screens are one of many things you can cook a pizza on. You put the dough on the screen and then directly into the oven. Do not use a baking tray to put the screen on.

I would stongly reccomend that you get a job in a pizza place and get some experience before you go too much farther. Please don’t take this the wrong way but you are asking some basic questions that anyone who has had exposure to the industry should not have to ask.

I want to echo that last comment. I can read into your post that you have the passion and the interest, but you seem sorely lacking in any sort of expereince.

You stand to LOSE a lot of money if you go into this venture uneducated. Please consider finding a local shop to work in for at least six months to a year. Then, you’ll have picked up some basic skills in the kitchen, customer service, and hopefully management areas, plus be able to answer if this is indeed where you want life to take you.

I don’t mean this to sound harsh or all-knowing, for it cetainly is neither. And if you elect to proceed, I promise I’ll offer you best wishes and good luck and will answer anything I think I could help with.