2 in 1 Concept.

$5 pie, pickup only and a high end delivery and dine in(starting at $13.99) at the same location. would it work?

I would imagine so, one of the more popular places here has the carry out gets a pizza of equal or lesser value free…

They save a lot of money on deliveries…according to the owner’s son (one of my prep cooks).


Hey Solon,

I just noticed where you are from. What is the name of the pizza shop you work at? I spent to weeks in Moscow visiting a friend who graduated from the University of Idaho. I can’t remember honestly. But we went to a few different pizza places while I was there. One was near the “other” college and it was on the side of a hill and had pictures that customer’s had colored all over the walls.


I am opening a new store soon and I was thinking about doing this exact thing. Have a $5 pie with less cheese and pep than a regular large. But also offer a full price version for those that want a good pie not a cheap pie.

That $5 seems to be the future of the pizza industry. most of the majors are doing it. To me, its nothing new. They have done it with gasoline business. The majors controll the supply line. create shortages for the independents. Arco usualy sells their gasoline cheaper than what indepent has paid for. Arcos have their own production. very tight cost control and Huge volume. Plus they have the consumer educated,trained their way through savvy advertisement. its funny how ppl will go around town for a penny or two per gallon but pay more for everything else they sell. they are squeezing the independent operators out of market.
IMO, samething is happening to the pizza industry. Only the cheapest an biggest will survive.