2- line phone question

so we are doing phone work and I have a question
I wanted to put a phone line in the waitress station are and one in my office and one 3 lines hunting at the ordering station…my question is this, The phone rings, If someone at the ordering station answers it, then the server picks up as well will it send one of them to the next line or will everyone be saying Thanks for calling Rockstarpizza?

To answer your question more information is required. What type of telephones are you using? If they are the typical 2 line phones you get at office depot they will likely both be answering the same line. If the phones are an integrated system once the line is answered the other sets in the system will not be able to barge in to the call.

We have a two line cordless phone purchased from one of the office stores. I do not remember the brand but think it is Panasonic. If two people try to answer the same call, whoever is first gets the call, the second person gets the second line. Our prior phone at this station was a 4 line corded/cordless office phone from OfficeMax and it did the same.


Most phone systems nowadays have a server-style answering system. Only one person can be on any given line at that time and no one else can get on that same line at the same time. So, during the answering of an incoming call, if two or more phones try to answer the phone, only one of them will actually get the connection.

So I am looking at this
http://telephones.att.com/att/index.cfm … ductID=225
it says auto attendant, is this something for instance when a customer calls the store the auto attendant can say for specials press 1, store hours and locations press 2 to speak to one of our friendly customer service people press 3…
if this is the case can the auto attendant have more than one person listening to specials? If I get this with the four lines do I then just get 3 more slave phones with out auto attendant?

Here is a link to the manual


Page 63 has a flowchart for auto attendant function. (Don’t tell my wife I spent time looking this up :mrgreen: )