2-Liters Only

Does anyone have 2-liter bottles only? I currently have 2ltrs and 20oz bottles and I don’t sell very many 20oz bottles (most are given free to the staff, they each get 1 per shift) It would save me a lot of money and free up some space both in the cooler and in storage.

I am hesitant to take them away because we have 3 booths in our lobby and we get an occasonal dine in customer who gets them. Water is my best seller and is what the staff drinks the most of, so maybe I could get ride of everything else.


I wouldn’t want to gt rid of 20oz drinks because it gives me a chance to have more variety. We have about a ten flavors available to satisfy those that want more than just coke diet coke or sprite.
For employees I used to provide free bottled water purchased at Sams for 4.74 a case. I have since purchased a britta filter and put it in the walk-in. My employees believe this is helping the environment, and it saves me money. :smiley:


I dropped 20oz 3 years ago…saved my food costs 3%. Employees were drinking it like water and I could not get them at every turn. Now they hate having to carry around that 2 liter …but it is also easier to track so it’s great. I realized in my area delivery was going to be the only way to make it…could not get customers to come to me…so it was an obvious choice. Happy employees are one thing…employees drinking your food costs up 3% are too happy

I guess i’m in a different market…I don’t know what we would do without 20oz bottles we offer every drink coke sells from classic to cariboo coffe to vitamin water…We sell about 40 cases a week of those and only about 20 2L(bottles not cases)…And do you have a soda fountain??? thats what your employees should be drinking…Drink all you want as long as you dont have to slide that glass door open…thats just expensive…We let our employees who work all day have one with their lunch…if you want one while ur working its 1$…on certan drinks 1$ doesnt cover the cost but we will take that 15-30 cent hit.

I say drop them like its hot.
your cost is darn near the same on the 20 oz as two liters.
(especially when you tie in employee cost) I would get some tumblers or styrofoam cups and do it like a fountain drink, just pop a two liter and charge them 1.49…I would say that I would only serve one or two days but the first person paid for it Plus .50…and now you have more room in your fridge and simplicity at its best.

Another option that you may want to consider is switching to 12 oz cans instead of the 20 oz bottles. The cans are much cheaper and would allow you to continue to have a smaller drink option for your customers eating at the booths and save you money. Also consider giving them to employees for half price rather than free. I was never a fan of free employee food or drinks, it gives them the sense that it really doesn’t cost you anything so why not take a little extra, the boss won’t care. I think it is a good idea for employees to know that everything costs you money, so charging them a small bit is giving them a deal, and it also makes it so you can use free food for special things, like if someone comes in for an extra shift for you or helps out beyond their expected duties.

I just ran a report from DT and found out that I sell on average 41 20oz bottles a month. I called Pepsi to compare how many I order a month. I am spending about $400 a month on 20oz bottles ! I will be stopping them as of now. I am giving away $4,800 a year to my employees just in 20ozers.