#2 location now history

We closed on the sale of our slice location back in January. (Money has been in the bank since then). Our deal called for us to operate it through the ski season which ended Sunday.

After 10 years, we are out of there. Pepsi came and took the fountain yesterday. The buyer of the equipment will take it all Wednesday, we get things cleaned up and be completely out of there by the end of the week.

Bittersweet… I got the price I wanted and then some but part of me is sorry to see it go.

Location #1 is still for sale and there is some interest now but no offers on the table as of yet.

I can’t remember, did you sell the real estate and equipment on this one separately? Essentially, not selling the business?

Well I know it has been a long awaited coming… I’m happy for ya. You got all kinds of things in the pot… I am sure you will still have plenty to do!


Deal was:

Sold real estate in January with the right to stay in the location and operate through last week with no rent. Price paid was my full asking price for business and real estate.

Sold the equipment to another buyer.

Still own the name etc.

Counting money earned during the season, no rent, sale of equipment and interest earned on the CDs I put the proceeds in for the last 90 days the total package was about 80K better than a full price deal last Fall would have been.