2 location POS ????

so I am looking at maybe expanding my operation. looking for a POS that I can access from cell phone and laptop to fix issues and pull the nightly #'s

maybe 1 that can look at from the other location

any suggestions

Point of Success has these capabilities.

What issues do you mean?

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any system issues, fix time, fix pricing

Talk to Speedline about a demo. They have “Speedweb” that you can customize some to what you want to see from your phone/computer. Daily sales, previous days/weeks/years etc. You can’t change a time clock or prices with it. Speedline has these capabilities I believe with their Enterprise solutions but that comes with a price and is recommended for 20+ locations.

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do i have to load all the info (menu) or do they assist with that


You can pay them to do it or you can do it yourself.

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We use Point of Success in our 2-Locations. Easy to work with and I remote in daily to run reports, make menu changes, etc. I use a software called Screen Connect to remote in. There are other such programs, which you can use on any POS platform.

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My concern with this would be staying PCI compliant

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This is really a non-issue nowadays with multiple remote access solutions out there. Specific enterprise solutions from POS companies really don’t come into play until you have multiple locations. There are costs involved and you really don’t know your specific wants and needs until you get to that point.

Lavu is the system I use and you can do all the listed stuff you stated.

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Whatever you do, run, don’t walk, away from Speedline. We have 3 locations and have been with them for 10 years. They used to be very good. They are now horrible. They were supposed to set up our on-line ordering months ago. All they cared about was taking over the credit card processing. They are very deceitful about it. They no longer return our phone calls. Just pathetic. If you would like to discuss with me, email me at mamaswest@yahoo.com or mamaspizzanebraska@gmail.com. I really hate to throw a company under the bus, but I would not want anyone to go through what we have gone through. It has gone on for months and so I am resigned to this. Which I hate.

wow! sorry to hear that.

I have nothing but good things to say about speedline even when we accidently crippled our system they were there to fix it up. they are even contributing members of this forum.

Speedline doesn’t process credit cards themselves. I’m very curious about your conversations with them. They process for sure with Mercury and World pay/Vantiv.

We’ve always been very happy with speedline.

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I have recently switched from Thrive/Granbury to Arrow. I cannot give a testimonial on Arrow right now but I can say that I do not recommend Thrive. It failed with basic math functions, constant rebooting during busy times, and lack of overall support. They had the audacity to offer me early termination on my contract to sign an agreement not to talk about them and remove any post or review I have already put up. Wasted a few good vacations worth of money on that decision. The POS is a tough decision and I wish you good luck. Greg Berthoud Pizza Company

I’ve been a Thrive customer for over a year now and that doesn’t sound anything like the company I have been working with. Never failed math functions, never had to do an unplanned reboot, and support has always been great. It’s rare if they don’t respond to a support ticket within 30 min and I’m the guy that puts in a billion tickets just to ask questions.

This is the first negative review I have ever heard of about speedline, other than maybe the price.