20" Pizza Price

guys have had these 20" disk around for years just never used them suggestions on pricing them

was gonna do like a 3 topping for $25.00 and $3.00 each addtional and a supreme for $35.00

to much not enough

we currently sell a 1 topping 14" for $11.99



Merry Christmas and Happy New & Profitable Year


A 20" pizza is very slightly larger than 2 14" pizzas. I would price it slightly lower than two 14" pizzas. From what you list here, I would price it at $22.99 for a 1 topping and maybe have coupons for $19.99.

Merry Christmas guys.

With respect to this 20" thingie… I’m looking at it as a special treat, a one of a kind - give it a special name. Its something you really don’t want to sell. As such, I’d charge MORE. Without knowing your costs, I’d say cheese only, $24. Toppings would be $3. *Offer a special 4 topping at a discount, instead of $12, charge them $9, in other words, if they buy 3 toppings offer them a 4th for free.

Agree with paul a 100%.

I DO think it is something you want to sell alot of. It could become something you are known for. Nick has some formula to figure out the square inches etc…I will do a search and see if I can find it. But either way you will be making money at 22.99 and better yet the great special of 19.99.

For a specialty I would try and go 29.99 special.

20" diameter = 314 square inches of pizza
14" diameter = 153 square inches
Area is equal to Pi times the radius squared

area = 3.14 x radius x radius

So you are basically the same as two 14 inch pizzas. When you are busy how will a 20" impact useable oven space? I have a Lincoln 1450 and can put 2 larges side by side. 16 inch pizzas have to be staggered leaving some space unused unles you have some small items like breadsticks.

Great point Rick. That’s the reason I said you really don’t want to sell a 20" except perhaps as a special or gimmic, and as such, they should pay more for it. I follow a simple rule: If it takes more product, more time, more resources to make, charge MORE for it.

Ok… so what is the big difference if you load two 14" side by side or one 20"? You can still stagger them and you are not really taking up a full 6" of the belt. Labor to make one pie is less than two. Are you really using the same amount of toppings on one 20"as you do on two 14"? I am sure it is close but I bet you could save a little. One box not two. Less labels…etc. Charge more for one 20" over two 14"… I will never understand that one! Dennis as far as pricing… what is your large right now…14 or 16"? Make some sample 20" pies and work out your actual cost per unit on them. I think this is a size that if you market it right could make you stand out more. I wouldn’t make it a “nitch” offering at a premium price…it will not take long for customers to do the math and ask why the higher price. I think if you put this together right it could be a good move. I think making an offering of a quartered pizza with 2-3 toppings per quarter would be a good move. Think about how the average order would play out. Chances are you have kids that might want only cheese in one…and will they actually order 3 on every quarter…probably not but you are charging for it in the “special” price. Work the math and see how it adds up. :mrgreen:

A couple thought…To sell a 20" pie you need 20" boxes…Also, you will get half and half orders or worse third, third and third orders…At the end of the day it probably does not help your bottom line…It just makes your life harder!