2007 PS 360WB oven with modulating gas valve question

I acquired a nice pair of 2007 MM PS360WBs with modulating gas valves

it is worth my time to swap them out with my older 1991 PS360WBs that have regular valves? any real savings or benefits in this? as its a fair amount of work

Thanks guys

While I have not used the same branded ovens with and without modulating gas valves, when I switched from my XLT’s w/o modulating valves to the Edge ovens with modulating valves I saw a significant decrease in gas usage. As a bonus the “roar” of the burners when firing is silenced to barely a purr with the modulating valves.

In the big picture, even if they cut your gas usage by 35% is that by itself reason to purchase and install new ovens? Probably not. Add the extra reliability of ovens that are 16 years newer as well as a quieter store and I think it would probably be a good move.

Thanks paul, does anyone else know if the newer WBs are in fact noticeably quieter and more efficient? @George Mills

Middleby blew me and other dealers off and went direct several years ago so I do not have experience with the latest models but I think they would be quieter and more efficient.
George Mills