20oz vs Fountain

getting ready to setup another location Pepsi wont put in a fountain because i only wil be seating 30-40 they want me to use 20oz bottles

anyone else have this situation and how is it working

thanks dennis

Pepsi told me they would give me a fountain machine, well lets say its been a year and no machine… They lie there the worst company to deal with, I havent seen my pepsi sales rep since before I opened… Also she was suppose to give me tons of bonus points and merchandise… Sorry to get off topic… Your better off going to walmart and buying cans and 24 oz bottles, they are a lot cheaper than buying from pepsi…

A pepsi probably doesn’t want to spend the money on a fountain cause times are tough.
B 20oz suck but you gotta sell em anyway( variety )
c if you really want a fountain call coke and tell them your situation. If you give them that account most likely they would giv you willy wankas golden ticket.(if they can find one)
d coke is better IMO

Years ago we had three or four locations with Pepsi. When it came time to do a smaller unit (was actually in a food court) they said they would only do it if we sold a number of other items. The reps exact words were “we are not in the business of putting up fountains for the sake of signage anymore”. We then called Coke and we replaced Pepsi in all our stores and every one going forward. Coke is a big company, and there is beauracracy, but their customer service has been pretty good.

Either way, you can always buy you own fountain machine used for cheap. Either company I’m sure would do the installation for a fee.

I would use Coke before I would consider doing just 20 oz bottles. The profit margins on fountains are so much better.

What are coke and pepsi charging for 20oz bottles nowadays? the last time I checked I would have to run 60+% food cost on them and I would still feel guilty with what I would be charging. It’s bad enough that 2liters run 50%, but I can run 30% on 12oz cans. For dine in I would insist on fountain, even if I had to switch to the other flavor, but I would imagine just the threat of this will get them to cave. For delivery, 2 liters and cans as fountain drinks suck to deliver.

I’m pretty floored Pepsi doesn’t think 30-40 seats is enough to justify a fountain. That’s a decent sized restaurant!

Just tell them Coke is willing to do it and they’ll fold like lawn chairs. One of the most fascinating things I’ve experienced in this business is how Pepsi and Coke think they’re doing us some sort of favor by letting us sell their product.

we use coke, customer service is heads and shoulders above pepsi.
I would call coke tell them hey was going to go with pepsi, (insenuate its a done deal) tell them that you are not having good a experience so far and ask them “do you want the business?” Coke here in Indiana lets me buy from sams club, gfs and cosco, they dont care as long as its coke…Pepsi on the other hand will not let you get the supply anywhere but there. So if they miss a delivery or mess up you are FU@Ked for a week. and yes your margins are horrible for 20oz. only people making anything on that deal is pepsi-coke

Never had any problems with Pepsi. I think they are awesome.

Ok people how many of you go out too eat and sit down and have a server offer up a can or a bottle of soda? I can honestly say that maybe once or twice a year at some very small mom & pop…maybe. Now, I drink alot of pop while eating pizza. I grew up in Chicago and I can not imagine even the smallest shops sitting you down and not offering a pitcher of pop or beer. Here you go guys…your two large pies and 4 20oz pops. The cost would get really expensive after a few rounds of refills…or should I say new bottles. Not to mention the storage of hundreds of empties every day. Sticky mess to recycle. Call Coke…and even if that were to fail…I would purchase my own equipment before going the 20oz route but I am sure Coke would do something for you. They still love sticking it too Pepsi everytime they can. Good luck.

WOW!! In this area it is exactly opposite between Coke & Pepsi from what you guys are stating!
My area is handled by Coca-Cola Enterprises, Great Lakes region.
Coke will not deliver product unless a $600.00 minimum order is met, They do not allow customer pick-ups at their location , and the local sales department prefers to sign-off on an alternative provider agreement so they do not need to be bothered by you wanting to purchase their products

I almost wonder if they are trying to stop all coke products from being available in this area?
Coke quit doing pre-mix canisters 5 years ago in this area, and then they refused to install BIB equipment to the locations that could not meet their $600.00 minimum order requirements after the pre-mix supplies were made extinct by them.
It is an absolute nightmare to get Coca-Cola products in this area! And this location is/was a regional bottler! Not just a distribution center! They used to produce and bottle coca-cola here for this area.

About the only account that Coca-Cola seems to want around here is our single McDonald’s in town.

One of my closest friends is a service tech for coke, and has been for about 20 years now, he is concerned about having a job with them due to lack of work from the way they have been dumping accounts, and them refusing to accept new accounts. it is like they are trying to fail!
Our regional Coke sales department will tell people to go with Pepsi products if they are not doing large enough volumes. They actually refuse new customers!!

I understood the goal of coca-cola USA was to have Coca-Cola available everywhere, no matter where you are in the world.
allegedly some regions still have that goal. (Ozarks Coke comes to mind)

What region are you in where it is easier to get coke than it is to get Pepsi products? I am in Northern WI, the coke provider is known as “Coca-Cola Rhinelander”

I wish I could get coca-cola as my provider, because that is the product which I prefer to drink.