24"pizza boxes

I am opening a pizzeria in Grand Rapids,Michigan and would like to know if anyone knows where to get 24" pizza boxes?

Try Star Pizza Box or Arvco Container. Here is some contact info for Arvco and the text from an Idea Forum for Star Pizza Box

Arvco Container, (800) 968-9128, Steve France or Erwin Maier (emaier@arvco.com) , or at www.arvco.com

Strategy #153
Pizza Boxes That Will Knock You Out!
Everyone knows that when a customer has a pizza delivered, odds are they don?t finish the pizza, but have enough left over for another meal. They then have to store the little bit of remaining pizza in the large box it originally came in or hunt up another storage option. What if you took the initiative and provided a container that served not only as transportation for the whole pizza but also breaks down as a storage container for ?left-overs.?

That?s what inventor Mike Manninen thought about when he came up with the Knock Out Pizza Box. His product, while still a ?normal? pizza box, breaks away from the standard pizza carry-out and allows for a second use of the box. There is a perforated slice-shaped lunch box integrated into the box top. Punched out, it folds together slightly taller than the original and holds two to three slices of pizza, stacked one on top of the other, saving not only time and effort, but also the ever-precious refrigerator space.

Now, your customers can save time storing leftover pizza. They don’t have to move everything in the refrigerator around to fit the whole box in and the pizza stays fresher. One of the best things about offering customers this is the easy portability of the smaller box. With it being only a small portion of the size of a regular one, your customers are more likely to keep the slice-sized box around for storage so they can finish the pizza the next day at lunch.

With your name printed on top of the smaller box, many more people see both your pizza and your logo. Adults taking it to work are great but think of the enormous pluses that go along with a child taking the box to school. A child not only gets their hands-down favorite food for lunch (pizza of course!), but their friends see a buddy eating their favorite foods in a container that?s just the right size for lunch. Your great pizza coupled with these exciting new boxes may transform your image into a trendy restaurant.

You can use the box in all of your marketing schemes: who doesn?t want a pizza box that takes up less room in the ?fridge? Since you can order it in the sizes you need for your pizzas, you could also market it as a pull for the younger kids?a kind of ?Happy Meal,? if you will?especially if you include some kind of toy with the pizza.

Few people understand the importance of packaging and the role it plays in promoting your business. With the right packaging, your pizzeria can take a new, highly visible role around town with the buzz created by a unique box for leftovers.

For more information on Knockout Pizza Box email Mike at knockoutpizzabox@aol.com. For ordering and price info, give the distributors a call. For the west coast, call Don Cook at Temple-Inland at 1-800-229-5463 or give him an email at doncook@templeinland.com. For the northeast United States, give Mark Suntulli of Freeport Paper Industries a call at 631-851-1555. For the southeast United States, give Bob Humberstone at Star Pizza Box a call at 1-800-973-1932 #00 or an email at starpizza1@aol.com. You can also check out the company Web site at www.knockoutpizzabox.com.

Tell your food rep what you need and if he is any good, he will get them for you. Let your food suppliers do the work. That is what you pay them for.

Out here in Brookings, Oregon we use Food Services of America. They have 24" boxes. They run us 47.12 for 25. That’s 1.88 each. There’s lots of talk about giant pizzas not being cost efficient but when we introduced ‘the ultimate party pizza’ (24") on our 2nd Anniversary two years ago we weren’t sure they would be a big seller. We sold 88 in 19 days! They are still very popular!

Colleen, The Pizza Place


 How much do you sell your 24" pizza in comparison to your other sizes ?

I plan to carry a 20" pizza.
My conveyor belt is 30" wide, so I could go larger, not sure about tossing a 24" or 28" pizza.
How do you sheet yours ?


:slight_smile: Good luck with your new store!! Make sure you use lid supports with the 24" size boxes. The FUNstax lid supports (Local Michigan Company) may be a good choice and add something different over the competition. Try even using lid supports with an E-Flute box on all size pizzas to save money. You can find the FUNstax supports and other great supplies from NATIONAL MARKETING, Inc. Go to the website at www.nminc.com and order online or you can e-mail bsmith@funstax.com and he can likely help as well. Thanks and we wish you great success as a fellow Michigan pizzeria!!! :smiley: