2500-Calorie Pizza Burger, Oh My!

OK, I know this isn’t completely business related, but have any of you think tankers seen Burger King’s new 2500 Pizza Burger? Check it out: http://pmq.com/news/news.php?id=14347

Doesn’t this seem a little overboard? Would you ever consider serving similar in your pizzeria?
Just thought I’d throw it out there.

Andrew Abernathy
PMQ Associate Editor

That’s sorta like eating a whole, 16-inch, double cheese, meat topped pizza all by yourself. I’m sure BK will draw a lot of fire when they roll it out officially, especially in New York City. Fortunately, pizzerias are not typically viewed as single portion stores like BKs and Micky Ds are, so we don’t draw the attention or fire from the “healthy food police”. And by the way, “have it your way” is not unique to BK, pizzerias have been doing this ever since I bought my frist pizza! Pizza can be a very healthy food option if ordered correctly. If you want to eat healthy, just ask for a vegeterian pizza light on the cheese, and then share it with a friend or two (eat sensibly), or you can go nose to nose with the likes of the new BK sandwich and order a 16-inch pizza with double cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and ham, and while you’re at it, could you please fold in a little cheese into the pizza crust for me? And how about an order of cheese filled breadsticks for an appetizer? And to drink…I think I’ll have a diet Coke. Gotta watch my waistline you know! Share with someone else? No way! This one is all mine!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Ha! Good observation, Tom. I think You’re right. The thing that is so striking is we tend to view BK as a single serving kind of place. My mouth just dropped open when I saw this thing! All I could think of was trying to eat that much bread at once…

I agree with you on pizza being healthy when done right. But, I do think I’ll pass on the giant pizza burger if I find myself near the Whopper Bar in New York soon. I’d rather have that 16-inch double cheese pizza you talked about. With diet Coke of course…

And if we share it we can reduce the calorie count by 50%.
For some strange reason, the pizza just sounds a lot more appetizing than that giant pizza burger.

Your post above sparked a motivation in me. I’m giving fair warning that I’m poaching that idea for a short piece in our newsletter. Having it their way and reminding customer of flexibility will hit home here. I’m giving you a credit in the piece, though. Not flat out stealing/plagiarism this time.