26" conveyor oven

We are opening up location 2 and are ready to order a double stack oven. My first choice was an Edge oven or an XLT. Edge stopped producing the 26" wide belt oven and XLT is out 18 weeks to produce. That leaves MM Wow which is significantly more expensive. Anyone else have any ideas before we pull the trigger on the MMs? Thanks as always.

Why not just get a 32" wide belt?

Order an edge though pizzasolutions. they got an edge 24 inch.

I’ll give pizza solution a try. Thank you.

Why not 32"? We already have the hood vent and air exchange in the warehouse. I didn’t realize Edge was discontinuing production of the 2440 until too late.

Wait the 18 weeks. You’ll be sorry later with the MM

I got my XLT triple stack in about 13 weeks. Why not a 32” belt?

I asked the same question and he has an exhaust already that will only fit a 26" belt.

That is to bad.


Wes Kronberg

Pizza Solutions has an 18" Edge triple stack in stock we purchased. Thank you for your help sparrowspizza. I appreciate it.

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