28 inch pizza

so I was thinking if and when I move into my new shop I may have a 28 inch pizza competition…something like eat a 28 inch pizza in 28 minutes and win an xbox and your pizza is FREE
what is the chances of someone mastering this feat? anyone serve a pizza this big?

A 28" pizza is more than three 16" pizzas. Just cheese it would probably weigh over 7 pounds. If you made it a supeme or a meatlovers it would probably weigh over 10 ponunds. No NORMAL human could eat this. However, Joey Chestnut, Kobayashi, or one of the other competitive eating champions would take it down easily. If someone like that came along and did it it would just encourage more people to try it. Over all maybe one person out of a thousand that tried might be successful. Maybe a disclaimer that each person can only win once. Heck, you might even let two people share it and if they do it it is free plus maybe a small prize. Nine out of ten times, two people wouldn’t be successful. Put their pictures on the wall regardless. The small wall of fame and the large wall of shame!

I love the idea, and if it takes off, maybe you can get the guy from the “man Vs. Food” tv show come over and then that would be great advertising.

Skip the Xbox and offer fame instead of fortune like Bub’s Burgers: http://www.ibetyouwont.com/big-ugly-bur … ice-cream/

Prize: Eat 1 get a 3×5 picture that will stay up all year and taken down at the beginning of the year. Eat 2 get a 4×6 that will stay up forever. Eat 3 get an 8×10 that will stay up forever. Eat 4 gets you a life size picture.

An Xbox goes home with them. They have to come back to your store to show people their photo!

They did have the Man vs. Food guy show up and take the challenge. That’s where I 1st heard about them.

Didn’t you read Tom Lehmans reply in the topic about school lunches? He implied the way of the future is fresh, smaller and quality. Doing a 28" is putting out a healthy image for pizzas but reinforcing the junk food connontation.
Gimmicks like 28" and eating challenges are a thing of the past just like heavy topping, double cheese. They still sell but times are changing and they will become dinosaurs just like eating challenges and 28" pizzas.
Watch over the next few years as the majors start downsizing their pizzas as a way of increasing profits and promoting the smaller size as more healthy. It has already started here in Australia with PH and Dom larges being 11" and Eagle Boys <12". Both Dom and EB are pushing Gourmet and Healthy options as well as Gluten Free.
Maybe you should look at this???


First… that Bub’s Burger looked pretty darn good! :stuck_out_tongue: Second I like the idea but also see Daves point of healthy and less is the new thing. Dave has a new promotion I hear that offers anyone that finishes his new healthy 4" personal pan pizza with 100% all natural and healthy ingredients… wins a “dat-a-boy” pat on the back and a kick in the ass so the next winner can take his seat! It’s all about volume now! :twisted:

By the way… Dave are you still staying dry down there? I know the floods are not close, but what about the new storms that have been hitting?

Never thought of a 4" but we do have some 6" pans (single serve desert pizzas) that we could use. Thanks for the clue to our new size :stuck_out_tongue:

The cyclone that was to hit us last Sunday blew out (we are too low down for the warm ocean waters to generate cyclones) so that dampened any “cyclonic deals” we had in mind.
Unfortunately the biggest cyclone to ever hit Australia came across northern Queensland last night. It was rated “5” (the highest) with winds of 300km and the eye was 35km wide. (Katrina was 15km wide). It was believed to be one of the largest cyclones recorded ever due to the maximum rating of 5 and the sheer size of it. Two major cities (100,000 people) along the coast were expected to get directly hit but it passed just away from them but totally devestated some smaller towns. All tis on top of the major floods just a few weeks ago.