28" Pizza boxes

Hi all!!! been reading the boards for a very long time!! great info…I’m having a huge issue here, I’m on the west coast and I’m adding a 28" pizza to my menu, but I cannot find any 28" to go boxes!! the only ones I found was a company that would special order but I had to buy 50 cases at a time…which came to about $1500-$1600 which I just cannot do, especially if I don’t know how they will go over!! does anyone know anywhere I can find this size of boxes?? or possibly if anyone would want to split a order with me, although I’m not sure how that would work with the shipping process…its very frustrating!!! thanks for any help!!!

Star Pizza Box carrys a 28" box. You can either get generic or a three color custom print.

thanks, we actually found that right after I posted this!! there thru sysco and of course we don’t use them, but we’re going to see if we can still get a few cases at a time!!! thanks for the response!!

I can provide you with 28’ pizza boxes. We are a pizza box manufacturing factory based in Istanbul but we have just opened our branch in Mt. Pleasant/Charleston SC.

The best price I can give you for a medium quality pizza box, white/kraft for one container, which can take 35.000 pieces, (40’hq container) $ 0.85.

we would have no room for 35,000 boxes at a time, but thanks!! we found some locally, its working for us!