28” Pizza

Hello again everybody! Im adding a 28” pizza to my menu. I just ordered the screens, pans, and boxes. I’m hoping to start experimenting with them this weekend. I’m planning on starting them on screens and then finishing them on stone like our other pizzas. Anybody have any tips I should know ahead of time? Should the cook time or temp be adjusted for the size?

Also I’m trying to figure out what size dough balls I need. I’ve tried to doing a few different formulas I’ve found online and in cook books. I’m guessing I’m going to need around a 50-54oz dough ball per pie?

Sorry for all the questions, I appreciate your time.

What size dough balls do you use for a 16" pizza? To get the same amount of dough per square inch of pizza you will need 3 times the dough for a 28" pizza. If you have a 14" dough ball you will need 4 times.

I use 14oz for my medium 14” that would put me right about 56oz. I use 20oz for my 16”, that’s about 60oz for a 28”.

So I’m still somewhere between 50oz-60oz. Glad I wasnt too far off, gives me a good place to start. Thanks for the info!

I haven’t received the screens or pans yet.
You think I should start it in a lower temp oven then finish it on the hi-temp Stone? I’m worried about the weight making it stick to a screen… maybe start it in the pan then transfer to stone? I don’t have a peel large enough to transfer the raw dough directly to stone.

Your 14" pizza is .0909 oz of dough per sq inch (14/154)
Your 16" pizza is .099 oz of dough per sq inch (20/201)
…depending on which pizza you like the crust more on, you could make some changes. If your 14" is more ideal than your 16 than you could change the weight of your dough ball on the 16" to:
18oz for .08955 oz of dough per sq inch
19oz for .09453 oz of dough per sq inch
Then using 56oz for your 28" pizza would give you .09105 oz of dough per sq inch (56/615)

I concur.

Thanks so much. You guys Are awesome. I wish I had found this forum sooner