2nd Jobs

I own a pizza del/co that is opens at 4pm. I am trying to think of something to do during the day as a second job. I take care of my daughter while my wife is at work so, it would have to be out of my house or online. Do any of you do anythink like this? I am think of opening a coffee drive-thru after my daughter starts school.

Maybe a marketing job for your store. I work in the store from 4:00 til after close every day and during the day i spend time making poeple aware of what I have to offer. Do your door hanging during the day if nothing else. you can go for a walk with your daughter and have her “help”.

our store is busy enough that I don’t need a second job, but my friend bought into a local franchise and is flat broke. He is a real estate agent during the day. He uis trying to sell his pizza shop though so he can work on real estate during the day and get a job at another pizzeria at night. Yeah, I know he already does that, but when it’s not his own store he’ll be able to get paid for his hours as opposed to wrking for free. I feel bad for the guy!

I’d open a 2nd store!

I don’t know if this fits your schedule but maybe get a newspaper route that you could do right after you close your shop?

Not knowing your skills it’s difficult to make a good suggestion.