3 Hole sink, attchment for a dishwasher?& How to clean d

1st off, do they make a dishwasher style attachment for a 3 hole sink? Or just something that can be added to our existing sink?

2nd, the drain that runs from the 3hole sink to the grease trap, it’s about 3.5 or 4" thick and has so much grease build up inside of it, it’s like a 1" drain.

I tried those drain cleaners that are for household drains… but they don’t do much on such a large drain.
Is there something that can brush the grease out of the drain? I have a snake for a 2" drain, but all it has is a little cork screw end on it.


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I think the rooter companies use a snake with a water jet to break it all up.

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I’d recommend at the least, adding a septic tank conditioner to you sink weekly. You could do it daily for a week, then once a week from there out. It should eat away the build-up over time and give you a good maintenance level. Run hot water through the line at end of close. Drop some RidX like stuff in and a little warm water to flush into the system. Let it sit. The longer the better . . . over a couple days would be great. This will work over time to clean out the system and keep it working well. Not so much a quick purge idea.

You may be able to get a 4" cutter attachment/head at the hardware store for your snake and just screw it through. Simple and quick would be to get/pay a plumber to ream it all out one good time then maintain with the bacteria/enzyme stuff. the jet will bust out a complete blockage, but won’t necessarily clean the build-up out.

There are serious caustic grease eaters on the commercial market that waste-water system companies use. It “eats” away the grease and foams (like a warm beer in a styrofoam cup) until grease is all gone. The chemical isn’t that easy to find, and is hazardous to handle . . . but I watch our city public works department use it like magic.

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Not sure what you were asking with this one.

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I saw some stuff at home depot thats in a bottle, and the bottle is in a ziplock bag, and says it’s hazordous to touch… I figured it would do the same as all the other crappy drain cleaners.

Maybe i’ll go give it a shot and see how it goes, it still says it’s for home drainage (not commercial).

As far as question #1, i’m reffering to something that looks like the “pass-through” type of dishwasher, but back in the day at my high school, it just sat on top of a regular 3-hole sink. Not sure if they made anything like that anymore.

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We actually bought the zip lock stuff a couple of months ago. We were trying to figure something else out, but none the less when we put it in the drains it smoked…smelled horrendous. Did it work? Not real sure cuz I would have to open the pipes to see. I know it was doing something. :shock:

After we read, not to stand over while pouring or after, reminded us of stupid warning labels on hair dryers(not to use in shower) we trusted the warning.

I will say a high pressure water source like a garden hose will do the trick. We have one rigged up in our dishroom and use it for all kinds of stuff.

We got somehting from auto chlor that is suppose to eat away the crud…some kind of bacteria that eats the grime, does it work…hard to say as much crud as we have been putting in our drains should have cleaned the whole city sewer system and our problem wasn’t even the pipes. :wink: As for the auto chlor stuff, seems useless, really.


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I was thinking of something like these commercially available products (I’ve not used them myself, though):



http://shop.greasetrapbacteria.com/cate … tegoryId=7