3 months enough time....

looking for some advice on if its too early to call it quits and move on. Opened 3-17, did 12,400 in April, 15,600 in May(these are net sales).Covering all expenses and doing direct mail of menu and magnets with coupons, set up a web site with store info and full menu, had a write up and picture in local paper,did store tours with the YMCA day care, customer feedback has been very positive on the pizza and entire menu.Sales for June should be a little over 16,000 and I’m a bit dismayed with the % of increase, need 20,000 a month in net sales to meet our financial obligations.
Thanks for any suggestions or comments

Hang in there. If you have that kind of growth in the first three months you should make it. I have been open for 18 months and am doing double what I did a year ago.

3 months isn’t enough time to figure things out. Plus, in my part of the country pizza sales slow down slightly in the summer - as people go out of town, to the lake, on vacation, and just OUT SIDE more… grilling out etc… wait until after winter before you pull the plug. If you can hang on.

If the summer is slow for pizza, anyone have any marketing or ideas which will help summer sales?

A heavy rain does wonders. The only thing better is a good ice storm. People LOVE pizza delivery when they have no desire to leave their own house.