3 phase mixer options with no electricity from power company

My Hobart mixer is 3 phase and we are located in Louisiana and were impacted by the hurricane. I have a generator running my walk-in cooler, we are not open. We could possibly be without power for next month. I am looking for options to be able to make the dough, if I can mix dough I can find a way to open the store. Has anyone ever dealt with a situation similar to this before?

Can you buy your dough? For the time being. Call local bakeries see of they can help you out for the interim

Is it a spiral or planetary? If your generator can power it on single phase, you could hold back one of the wires at the plug and breaker (I believe, I’m not an electrician) but this would only work of it’s planetary. I know it can be done three phase to single planetary, but a spiral needs to be 3 phase.

It is a planetary mixer, a P660

you can use a phase generator. not exactly sure what/how, but i think its a motor that makes the third phase.


was goping to suggest phase generator. But, be warned, they suck some power and a generator may not like it. May be better to find a single phase mixer. The HL600s can run 1 or 3 phase. Depends how bad you want to be open.

get a rotatory phase convertor 1 phase to 3 phase easy peasy

We ended up getting power back after being out for 8 days. I will probably look into picking up a phase converter to help prevent future issues. Thanks for all the help.