3 Phase Ovens

I have a shop with a stack of MM PS536 240 3 Phase ovens. I want to upgrade my ovens to something that can put out higher volume(the belts on my oven are only 20") I know that almost all quality ovens are gas models, and we have some issues getting gas run into our location. I looked at Aventec but it seems they only do gas as well. Im looking to lease. Does anyone have any suggestions for quality ovens that would come in a 240v 3 Phase model? Thanks.

I’ve not been overly impressed withthe performance of any electric oven, but we did have an XLT electric air impingement oven in here for a short time about a year ago. As compared to its gas counterparts, it took longer to bake, and the temperature had to be set higher, but the bake was ok. As for leasing an oven, I’m not even sure anyone does that anymore. Check with the various manufacturers (Edge, Lincoln, Middleby-Marshall, XLT) to see if they have an electric flavored oven they got as a call back that they will sell as a refurbished unit. I know that XLT reinherited the electric oven we had when it was swapped out for one of their gas flavored ovens. If that doesn’t work, begin checking the classifieds as well as the used equipment companies to see what they have available. Also, don’t forget to check out any local pizza show(s) to see if one of the manufacturese has brought in an electric oven. Many times you can pick these up at a significant discount right off of the show floor.
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Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

With the economic decimation of the restaurant industry, keep an eye out for a used unit not too old. There have got to be all sorts of start-ups out there offloading new and lightly used equipment.

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We offer several models in 3 Phase.

George Mills