3 Phase Vs. Single Phase Ovens

We are building out a new store and the Bakers Pride slice ovens we are going to install come in both single phase and 3-phase options. The price is exactly the same for either option & we can have the electrician put either in for about the same price.

Does anyone have any reason why we should do on over the other?

We use three phase for our mixer and I know it give us more power. Does the same apply to the efficiency of the oven?

If given the option i would always choose a 3 phase high appliance over a single phase appliance. It is less stress on the power supply. Oven’s i guess should not really matter as the only electricity it needs is for the electronics and fans (assuming it’s not an electric oven).

Three Phase is best.
George Mills

Thank you everyone! Three Phase it is!

Which ones are you using… or getting?
I’m looking for basically slice ovens (to re-heat slices) and they are, uh… not cheap!
BP P18S is $1800… yikes.