3 years and burnt out!

Well it’s only been 3 years and I had enough. I bought a pizza buffet business and have been working my ass off. I increased the business 29% but I am done. I am ready to be part of the normal community again, have a life and spend time with my 8 year old. So with that said I life in a small town and want to know the best way to sell? Also, does slapping a for sale sign out front really affect sales? Any input would be great.

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I think its better to use business broker.
Are you making any profit?
Did you think of hiring a manager?

@bodegahwy 's insights here would be really useful. That is, if he wouldn’t mind getting involved of course.

Exactly. If you are making money you can probably find a buyer. If you are not making money think liquidation.

Speaking for myself, I will not take a listing for an unprofitable business. It is just not worth doing. They tend not to sell and they are more work!

Find a business broker (NOT a realtor!) and ask them to look things over. I end up doing that a lot. Often I do it on a fee basis and refund the fee if I end up earning a commission on a sale in the future.