Was wondering where is a good place to get a decent looking 4*6 postacrd for my lazy and new customers would like to offer a different special so that it would be easier to track response

thanks dennis

http://www.1000spostcardprinting.com/ has great prices and always does a good job on the printing. I’ve been ordering all my postcards from them since last year.



I posted this in another topic but…

We contacted a local college that had a graphic arts department and got the students to do our design work. They did the work for free just to get it in their portfolio. This way you get a custom design instead of cookie cutter postcards. Not that those are bad but it does not use your brand and your logo to instill brand recognition.

After we got the file we found a local printer to print real cheap.

college students dig these kind of assignments, i would confirm going to a local college too.