30 days of tips showing up on customers statements today

this morning, 30 days of customer tips showed up on their statements. their purchases showed up normal on day of transaction but the tip didn’t process until today showing up as a separate transaction.

on our end, everything processed normally. digging into the matter, this doesn’t seem to be on speedline’s (pos) end, though they did have a vague understanding of it. doesn’t seem to be on gravity’s (credit card processor) end. seems to be up the chain from both of them with worldpay/first data (not sure of their exact relationship, past gravity it’s all over my head). another pizzeria in our city that uses speedline and gravity is also having the same problem.

anyone else experiencing a rush of calls and messages from customers worried about strange charges?

anyone have any insight as to the cause of this?

i’m worried about the possible rush of chargebacks from customers that just take the easy route thinking it’s a fraudulent charge…

just to clarify…

i believe this is unique to speedline pos and worldpay.

and this isn’t a purchase transaction being adjusted the next day or two after the settlement, this is a separate transaction happening weeks after the initial transaction.


This issue impacted any of WorldPay’s partners that use the WorldPay Gateway processing connected to FirstData platform. In your specific case, Gravity would be using the FirstData platform for card processing. Worldpay has confirmed the cause was in their backend communication with the FirstData processing platform for any tip adjustments. While the POS systems submitted all adjustments to WorldPay, WorldPay’s systems did not transmit those changes to FirstData for funding capture. Your customers will be able to validate this, as the initial charge(s) will be the amount less tip and the second recent charge(s) will be for the tip adjustment for the original purchase(s). We are continuing to advocate and work with WorldPay on our customers behalf, as are other POS systems impacted by the same issue, to ensure we get resolution to our customers.

Has this been corrected? We are switching to using a first data merchant on a Worldpay gateway. Or are the same issues still there?

thank you for the follow-up. after 7 days of of having to deal with this, today is the first day of any clarification on the matter. everyone shifting blame, but we’re the ones #%*=& by it. we had over a thousand tip transactions from the month of august process on 8/31… over $14000. we have had dozens of angry callers and a dozen chargebacks,but more and more each day as people see their statements. the callers at least we can explain the matter and they’ve all ended the call understanding. the chargebacks all think we have stolen from them. besides the contested tip, each chargeback has a $25+ fine plus the damaged reputation that may never be repaired. all that combined with the bookkeeping nightmare. we’ve had two bookkeepers working on this for 2 days straight. huge discrepancies. hundreds of dollars of discrepencies for every day in August. this is a nightmare and no one will intake responsibility or help us out. speedline at least has take some steps to reach out to Worldpay, but the bottom line is the only other victims of this that I’ve found are also speedline customers, so something tells me this is the result of a bad handoff of data from speedline to Worldpay or first data. this $%@&ing sucks and I hope some resolution comes to the matter as the monetary, time and reputation damages are climbing exponentially every day. we potentially have hundreds of customers that think our servers are skimming their cards.

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while this has been a one time occurrence, it is costing us immeasurable amounts of money and resources to straighten out. not sure you have a choice in partnering with these trillion dollar corporations, but bottom line the don’tt care one bit. they never side with the business. but this time they’re really screwed their partners.

I really hope this is as widespread as you state. at least then there’s a chance of a class action lawsuit against these trillion dollar corporations that have caused this mess.

Hi Steve,

WorldPay has confirmed this issue was resolved as is no longer an impact to transactions.